June 7, 2019

When They Hear Us

Prepare to be fed when you hear us! Juan Grits, SB, and EA recap some ideas from the last episode on politics. Get some insight as EA provides some new American History, and the fellas get into an in-depth analysis on the cultural impact of "When They See Us" (netflix documentary about the Central Park 5). They also debate what is a "Black entertainment" vs mainstream entertainment. Plus, 2 freestyles and the RETURN OF PRODUCER MATT!! PRESS PLAY!! 

The Grits and Glory squad is ON ONE today! Just in time for the holiday weekend... In this episode, Juan Grits, SB, and EA discuss the recent abortion law in Alabama and its impact. Juan Grits provides some non-traditional advise on what men should do to support women in regards to this issue. Then the brothers get into a heated debate on the role of Black people in the current state of politics in America. Plus 2 new freestyles and plenty of jokes. PRESS PLAY!! 

As the brothers try to get some insight, they discuss the best ways to meet your fitness goals and review Raw Law #10: "If your body isn't right, neither is your mind". Juan Grits details his personal health change and how it impacted his life. How healthy and wealthy are you? Plus 2 bonus freestyles. PRESS PLAY! 

IT'S OFFICIAL. G&G is back on your airwaves. In this episode, Juan Grits and Shawn B debate Tiger Wood's impact on the culture and what his recent Masters win means. EA give some sound investing advice and then we move into our main topic: Taking a L. We look at the impact of the loss of Nipsey Hussle on the culture and what lessons can be learned. This episode is dedicated to the memory or Nipsey Hussle, DeWan Harrell, and D'Anthony Henry-WE LOVE YOU- PRESS PLAY!!

The brothers follow the theme of the opening freestyle and discuss wants and needs for the black community. EA and SB debate with Juan Grits about are there enough "Black Nerds" and what qualifies. EA gives some cryptocurrency info and SB breaks down the "digital divide" concept. Juan Grits does an experiment around an "abundance mind state". We got what you want and need! Tune in to the #1 Black Culture Podcast and PRESS PLAY!! 

March 20, 2019

Episode 21- THE FUEL

This episode is soothing to your mind like therapy. In Episode 21, Juan Grits gives a breakdown on freestyles and the different types. The brothers discuss how they view politics in the information age before they get into the topic of the week: FUEL. What fuels you? Are you using the right fuel? And what happens when you run out? PRESS PLAY and find out! 

We are the #1 Black Culture Podcast in the world: BECAUSE WE SAID SO. In this episode, The man with too many names, the Ghanian Super-Saiyan, and the Troll King finish their series on Black Culture. They debate what is considered a win "for the culture", examine the Jussie Smollett debacle, and break down Raw Law #21: The Universe Rewards Your Intent. Prepare to be Fed and PRESS PLAY! 

Welcome to the Black Culture Club! In episode 19, the brothers debate whether Kap or the NFL "won" and then get into what that means. Juan Grits breaks down the "Black Savior" syndrome and settles the "Black vs African-American" debate for white people ;) Shawn B also goes into the "N-Word" discussion. Plus more freestyles. PRESS PLAY!!

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month aka Black Culture Month, the brothers dive deep into the definition of "Black Love". Juan Grits, Shawn B, and EA give advice for couples and singles for Valentine's Day and Grits has an interesting perspective on how biracial folks fit in the Black Community. Plus the brothers cook up 2 dope freestyles for you. PRESS PLAY!! 

February 20, 2019

Episode 17-Who’s Black??

As the Grits crew continues to celebrate Black History Month (aka BLACK CULTURE MONTH) they delve deep into a discussion of how "Blackness" is defined in America. Is it possible to lose your "Black Card"? Is someone who is biracial or raised affluently "less black"? PRESS PLAY and let us know your thoughts. Featuring Juan Grits, EA, and Shawn B and a bonus freestyle. 

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